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The Nathan Speed 4R Belt Review: Hydration And Functionality

Nathan Speed 4R Hydration Belt

The Nathan Speed 4R Belt Review

The Nathan Speed 4R Belt is a hydration belt that holds up to four streamlined flasks. The belt and flasks come in five different color schemes and look very professional. The design of the flask holders has the flasks pointing outward so they do not interrupt arm swing. Also, the flasks at their locations distribute weight evenly and they stay secure but can tend to move up when they are empty and when you are running down quick descents or very bumpy terrain.

The flasks hold eight ounces of liquid and can be removed and replaced completely with one hand limiting interference with your run. The plastic clips that hold the flasks allow you to simply reattach the flask without having to slow down or stop.

These flasks have new patented race caps for easy and instant one-handed access to your sport gels and drinks. This means there is no need to pull on the caps; you just pour and drink. One of the front flask caps can tend to leak if they are filled up all the way and if they are on an angle (as when you’re bending down to stretch or tie your shoe) but if you make this bottle the first one you drink it’s not a big deal.

The Nathan Speed belt is adjustable and also comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Appropriate sizing is important so that you don’t have any belt slack or overhang. If you do happen to order the wrong size, fortunately Nathan makes the returning process very simple. The belt itself is well made and the elastic that the belt is made with is strong and durable and well-made, leaving no worry of it tearing.

The Nathan hydration belt fits comfortable and feels secure on the hip and has minimal bounce, which is priceless. Another great thing about it that any runner will appreciate is that it hardly shifts at all. It fits so comfortable that you hardly know it’s there.

There is a power stretch mesh pocket with Velcro closure that is supposed to fit smart phones but is a very tight fit and for some phones and you may have to be taken out of their case, otherwise might not be able to get the Velcro closed. The pocket, however, fits an ID and keys perfectly. There is also a smaller pocket in the front that perfectly fits salt tablets or lozenges.

Overall, the Nathan belt is an ideal hydration belt and better than most because of the practical ingenuity with which it was designed. It serves its purpose and the simple but necessary features make it great for long or short distances of any and all terrain.