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Friendly Swede Dual Pocket Running Belt Review

friendly swede dual pocket review

Friendly Swede Dual Pocket Running Belt 

Are you tired of your personal belongings and items such as your wallet, keys, change or even cell phone falling out of your pockets as your out running? Do you not like having to haul around a backpack or purse or fanny pack as you trying to enjoy your walk or hike in the mountains? Don’t you just want something that will keep all your essential belongings safe with you, without the worry or anything falling out or breaking or getting damaged by the rain?

Well you’re in luck because The Friendly Swede Company offers a Dual Pocket Running Belt (a 1.5” thick belt made from an elastic polyester weave) which allows you to bring your essentials along with you! Whether you are running, jogging, walking, biking, hiking or even just out for the day, the running belt will store your wallet, spare money and/or change, keys, phone (will fit almost any smart phone), and even energy bars!

The two pockets on either side will save your phone from being scratched by your keys or anything else and they are almost entirely water resistant (so long as you don’t go swimming with it on). If it’s sprinkling out or even if you’re just sweaty, there isn’t any need to worry because your belongings will be kept safe inside the belt.

The belt has a durable and very strong buckle, and it is also fully adjustable and will fit anywhere between 27” – 43” waists, so it has a very snug fit. It has a comfortable and nice elastic strap which keeps the belt itself from bouncing about while you’re doing your activity and stops it from chafing. Keeping it clean is simple as hand washing is preferred.

Their product isn’t the only perfect thing to carry things you need to bring with you while you are out, but it also comes with 2 in a pack. The greatest thing is that their product is covered by The Friendly Swede’s Lifetime Warranty!

This amazing 5 star product is gotten nothing but great reviews from many. It is inexpensive, especially for getting 2 belts out of the deal and is just really a great product to carry around on you while you are out, doing anything! The base color is black, but you have the option of a black zipper or a blue zipper, both of which look very nice.

The dual pocket running belt is recommended by many who have bought it and used it because of all main key features this product comes with, especially because you get so much for less. It’s what everyone wants and needs to be able to enjoy their time out and about, doing their business!