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FlipBelt Review: Put The Best To The Test

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FlipBelt Review

The Flip Belt is a running and fitness workout belt. It's designed to help achieve a hands free, comfortable workout. It comes in x-small through x-large sizes and in a variety of colors. It has no buckles and is designed for an even fit with no bounce during workout. It's made of a spandex lycra blend and is machine washable for convenience.It weighs only 3 ounces so adds minimal extra weight and fits well enough to wear under clothes if you choose. It has 4 pockets that allow you to hold ID, credit cards, cash, your cellphone and keys. There's even a mall loop built in so you can hook your keys on. So how it works is you pull it on like a pair of pant and then fill the pockets with what you need. Then you flip it over so everything is tucked away inside the belt, close to you.

The reviews were extremely positive. Though the belt is designed for fitness, a couple of the reviews stated it worked for regular neighborhood walks and short outings under clothing, and one even mentioned a very different use altogether, a diabetic pump. This seems like proof that it will work for a variety of uses and types of people. It's not just for hardcore athletes, which is awesome. I did find that the couple of cons I saw were for the same reason, they stated that either the belt was too loose and did tend to fall down a little and that the pockets were not secure.

In looking at the belt and reading the other reviews, two things were obvious. The first is that the sizes have measurements listed. Because everyone is shaped a little differently and likes to wear their belts and bottoms in a different way, measuring before choosing a size may well fix this. The other is that there are four pockets inside the belt. One of those seems deeper than the others (stated in reviews), so if you put your slender items such as cards or cash in that one and utilize the others for things like cellphone, lip balm etc., you will have a much more secure fit. Also there is a loop for your keys to hook through and that keeps keys secure.

The Flip Belt seems to do what it promises. It provides a comfortable hands free way to carry your essentials while you are running, training, or otherwise working out. It does not bounce and stays where you put it, with all of your items safe and secure. It also seems to be a really nice idea for the person on the go who doesn't want to carry a wallet or purse. Provides anyone with an easy safe way to go hands free for whatever activity they enjoy.