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Fitletic/iFitness 16 Oz Hydration Belt Review: Keeping Hydrated In Style

16 oz hydration belt review fitletic

Fitletic/iFitness 16 Oz Hydration Belt

The Fitletic/ iFitness 16 ounce hydration belt is designed for runners. It holds two 8 ounce water bottles, which come with it. The belt has a pocket that will hold your ID and credit card, as well a a pocket that holds your cell phone and will fit just about any size. It has toggles to hold a race number and reflectors for safely running/training at night.

The Fitletic/iFitness Hydration Belt comes in two sizes, small/medium and large/x-large. The bottles are secured at an angle for easy access with one hand while running or training. The belt is advertised to be designed not to bounce or ride up and based on the reviews it holds to that standard.

From the reviews, you can also see that the pocket for your ID and credit cards is zippered and some people can fit a chap stick or car keys into it as well, although it isn't stated whether that changes the comfort level. A couple of the reviews did state issues with the bottles leaking, but some mentioned it might be user caused. For those who did have a product issue they stated that the company was upstanding and stood by their products, which is always a plus because sometimes things do happen. The consensus is that the belt does what it says it will do, and very well I might add. The material was mentioned as being soft and very comfortable and it had no bounce or riding up which is extremely important.

The sizes are also pretty clearly listed as Small/Med (24 inches to 36 inches comfortable). Large (29 inches to 42 inches). So that clears up the confusion that often comes with product sizing and other reviewers really seemed to like that. Some of the reviewers were frustrated due to bottle size because the product name says 16 ounce. It is clear in the description though, that it comes with two 8 ounce bottles for a total of 16 ounces and not two 16 ounce bottles.

Overall, the Fitletic/iFitness 16-ounce Hydration Belt seems to be a good solid belt for runners. The bottles are easy to access without a lot of fuss, and there is a zippered pocket that will comfortably hold your ID and credit cards as well as a couple other small essentials. The separate cell phone pocket is neoprene and is big enough to fit pretty much any phone. It has toggles to hold your number, which makes it practical for racing as well as training, and the night reflectors make it a safe option for night time as well. It is made of comfortable material and does not bounce or ride up with your movements and does what It promises to do.