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Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II Review: Cutting Edge Running

fitletic race belt review

Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt 

Just in time for the holiday season the good people at Fitletic have released their new racing belt called appropriately enough the Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II.

This offering checks in at just under thirty bucks and is loaded with some one of a kind features only found in the Fitletic line.This model is measured at a svelte 6 x 12 x 3 inches and weighs a remarkably scant 4.6 ounces. This is where things get interesting. The belt has a water proof, zip to close pouch to hold your phone or whatever you see fit to put into it. The pouch is big enough for virtually any cell phone. The newest line of Galaxy phablets and the iPhone 6+ are a snug fit. It may take an extra second or two to get it in but if you have a bigger phone and you want it with you this belt will do the trick. Virtually any other phone will fit with room to spare.

The Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II also has a smaller, second pocket for keys, inhalers, MP3 player, etc. This is nice as you don’t have to worry about having a phone and keys in the same pocket trying to destroy each other. The smaller pocket/pouch has a Velcro closure that will keep your items securely in place. There is also an inner pocked for room keys and debit/credit cards.

The adjustable waist makes this a one size fits all product and can be snugged tight to prevent slipping. The belt also features reflective strips on the front and back for after dark safety. The belt is all black but also is available with a colored highlight strip. There are seven colors to pick from. There are also toggles on the belt to hold a racing number.

Most everyone knows the importance of staying properly hydrated. It is a critical component in achieving maximum performance. Competitive or serious runners wouldn’t dream of running a race without proper hydration. Hydration is just as important for day to day and casual runners (or walkers) as well.

The Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II has it covered. The belt has five easy to access elastic loops. These loops can be used to securely hold gels, fuels, liquids, etc. until you need them. Fitletic also offers a variety of other exercise accessories that will work seamlessly with this belt.

If you or someone you know is a serious exercise enthusiast and are looking to replace or upgrade your running belt the Fitletic Ultimate Race Belt II is definitely worth a look. Even the non-competitive athletes will appreciate how easy it is to reduce the clutter associated with a workout and to have easy access fuel and hydration.